The best compliment to any doggie wardrobe is a matching rope leash! I can make these in any color or thickness you need! These are (you guessed it) made by hand. Our leash design has been tested for durability and strength to make sure those puppers aren’t going anywhere you don’t want them to! 


The second picture are the thicknesses that are available from my supplier (with a quarter for reference). A better idea would be the 7/32" is perfect for a chihuaha, 3/8" is perfect for my 30lb mutts, and a 5/8" would be good for a large dog that pulls.


  • All natural, 100% cotton rope

  • Three strand twist for durability

  • Handle and latch loop are braided twice for extra security

  • Cotton cord wrapped closures are tied and secured with extra strength glue

Custom Rope Lead

  • Please note: Our ropes are made to order! This means you have the ability to request the color intensity of your rope. More pastel? You got it. Brighter, deeper colors? You got it! Want a specific color gradation? Of course!


    Note the sequel: Ropes are available in two sizes in case you have a bigger baby! See size difference depicted in the second picture.