Palm trees, neon, dark sunglasses, and convertibles. Everything cool and summer is embodied in this bandana. This blue looks great on everypawdy and the fabrics are super soft and cuddly. We can't wait to see your puppy pics in this bandana!


  • Jersey knit

  • Double sided for the maximum style 

  • Colorful snaps for security

  • Double stitched for durability 

Miami Bark

  • Our bandanas are washing machine safe, but just to be sure they stay as perfect as the day you bought them we recommend: 

    • Washing by hand in cold to lukewarm water
    • Use lingerie detergent (scandalous!) if you have it
      • Laundry detergent and Dawn dishsoap work too
    • Let air dry while lying flat 
    • Lightly press with your iron, and it's good as new!